No new products please

Instead of spending time and effort bringing out new products PLEASE PLEASE sort out the products that customers have spent time and money researching and chosen to buy. I am sure I speak for many many people that we are fed up with how the eufy brand is operating. Yes development of new products are inevitable but how about listening to the customers and bring out a outdoor alarm or fix the MANY issues YOUR PAYING customers have.

This is serious for me personally and have had about as much as I can take.

Please for the sake of your customers… LISTEN to us.

They have many security systems on the market and ignoring your customers will inevitably lead to them (myself included) turn away from the brand.


Amen. The amount of new products I get notifications for in the app is enough to make me cry.

Slow down and fix the existing problems.


I know it very disappointing they have ignored all their security flaws and existing customer complaints.