No Detection Suddenly Oct15-19

Today, All a Sudden , No detections, No Notifications?

I had a lot of detection when I moved tge camera yesterday.
Restart Camera, restart device, restart app, check notification setting. All in place.
still no detections.

I wonder if Eufy automatic disable owner if they see lots of detection.

Also, when I cycle detection on/off, I got error code

Fail connection 10003?
No problem live view.

when I goto Security page

Error, unable to connect to security server.

this forum software does not allow screen shot upload. (Eufy.pls fix)

logout account and re log in. still no detection.


I reset cache of app.

then went to Security Page.
select one mode, I selected stay home.
both record and notification is on.
Bt I just click change the notification to off.
save it.
then go back and re activate notification again.
now both record and notification are bk to ON.
Save it again.

Wow,. test. and got recording and Notification.

Eufy Security server must have been failed and corrupted user settings.

More issues detected.

Person detection failed… it determines as Motion not people.

Yes, I stand infront of 2k with big smile. just return as motion

I think Eufy is having big problem with the server.

When will it be fixed?

Please contact They will help you. I didn’t hear any failing news from the development team.

I submitted a feedbk.

I submitted feedbk already.

Almost bk to normal. notifications now only latest trigger.

only one notification even if you have 6 recorded events

Event counter is also not working.It is showing zero events while I have 8 events.

Eufy should provide announcement of what happened.


Event counter seems to report the un acknowledged notified events. not total events.

my error

I also have notification problems, since updating my app on the 14th Oct. Walked up to my front door camera through the front door, but no notification. I turned off the camera then back on and restarted my Homebase, notifications then worked. But today a friend walked up to the camera and again no notification? WIFI and Homebase connections all good and strong, again I turned camera off and restarted my Homebase, worked for now. Why is this happening? Never had this problem before? Not good for security?


Hi @khy888

Do you have your Homebase connected via Ethernet or WiFi?


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What’s the firmware version for your Homebase?

Connected via Ethernet. Homebase version Only started happening a few days ago, since app update?

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Eufy must be having a Server issue.

Yoday Oct 19, again. FedEx guy came. no detection nor recording.

Eufy needs to communicate to their customers.

Mine recorded an event at 2am and hasn’t recorded anything since.
(new 2k Indoor Cam)

Since Eufy became unreliable after firmware pushed Update, I had turned ON continuos recording.

I had motion detected this morning around 4 from paper delivery. but No notifications. time bar shows orange.

but the FedEx delivery just niw has no orange marker.

Eufy should look into it.

just found out Eufy App has an update available.

updated, and so far seems to be working.

but will monitor

6 detection events but No notifications
yes,. device power cycled.

What do you mean with events but no notifications? In the app you see the event and it has a video, but you get no notifications?
Are we talking Android or iOS?


Do you know what version you had and what the new version is now?

So the update is working or it’s not?

I don’t think it is working. I suspect an app/phone issue, as the events are recorded but a notification is not sent out.

Have you heard anyone post this before, where a event is recorded but there’s no notifications?

No, never. Come to think of it, maybe it could be the homebase. Then again, I read a lot of things I cannot really place tbh. I’m not sure that he has a profile active that just doesn’t send out notifications.
I would expect the phone app to send out the notification, but it could also be that the homebase initiates that it should create a notification. Both have been updated recently, and both updates generated some feedback.
It’s best if cf7 could elaborate more on his situation and settings, it’s not all clear to me atm.