No detection garage door

I’ve set a eufycam 2 up in the garage. I’ve selected activity zones as seen. The garage door opening and closing does not trigger an activation despite being set to the highest motion detection and to all motion.
Any ideas?

Have you tried deleting all zones?
Your settings seems to be right. What do you have under Notification–> “Detection Type” All alerts is my choice for your case.
Do you have any security mode setup? try removing all security modes or ensure whatever the mode you are in device settings is set to “push notifications”

So… don’t have a clue why? I struggle with my own activity zones. ( I find them worthless ). But… I am so curious with your setup?!? Bike to the ceiling … the opener light (in another zone) … and the top of the garage door? Open the door for me and take another screen shot, Inquiring minds wanna know, I would remove the zones and see what tiggers.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could “see” what actually caused a motion trigger?

Try using only 1 zone covering the entire door area. I never could get smaller zones or multi zones to work right

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The idea behind the zones is so I don’t trigger events when working out or just nipping in, but bike is ‘protected’, the other zones should be movement areas of the door.
I’ll take a vid of the garage door operating and the zones. :slight_smile:

Not sure what you mean by security mode.

My experience with the multi zones as noted before is that they don’t work. The way you have it setup will not work with the detection capability of the camera in my opinion. Better off to have it 1 zone on the entire door and disarm it when you are working out. Alternatively you could put an entry motion sensor on the garage door and use it to trigger the camera.

If you really focus on the activity zones … very little changes when the door moves. Maybe a small change when the black door hinges pass by.

Like I said earlier… get rid of the zones.

I am guessing the Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor does not detect motion so the camera is not activated and therefore no motion is detected in the picture. You can use Motion Test Mode in the Motion Detection settings to see if motion is detected. A red light will go on on the camera when motion is detected.

I had no detection on Oct 15
Eufy may had a server issue.
do app cache ckear.
goto your security page, Stay home etc
turnoff your selections. and save.
then, go bk and reactivate motion, human etc.

No activation/notification issues on the other 3cameras installed so it’s not that.
The pir’s don’t pick up the garage door motion even if zones are removed. I agree at night the movement is not that significant, during the day it’s more obvious.
From a security point of view our bedroom is above the garage so I would absolutely hear the door opening.
Human detection is picked up fine so it’s not a huge issue just a little frustrating.

Daytime vid

Another thing I have picked up over time … my cameras won’t trigger on ANY movement above the center line of view ( half way point ). I have camera views that I hate… but they work. I find that the camera position is the key. Lower and off to the side of what I want triggered. This cam is in the safety of your garage… play with it. And if I’m going into my cameras view… I shut it off. ( the keypad made my camera life so much better )