No Audible Alarm on Homebase 2 from Motion Sensor

I have spend a small pile of cash on this system, because I have/had high hopes it would provide great video coverage outside my home, and coverage in my RV, parked in the driveway. I installed a second Homebase 2 unit inside my RV, and paired one motion sensor only. I used the HomeBase 2 out there so I can have an audible alarm. The issue is that I have only gotten the thing to go off one time. I can be moving and see a red led on the sensor light up, detecting my motion, but the alarm never triggers. The app actually states “no movement detected” while the led is red. Any ideas? I have power cycled the homebase, verified Wifi is strong (I have a mesh network, and one radio is in the RV itself).

Secondly, I have a Cam 2 Pro set in my driveway. I set all the activity zones up to record the entire driveway, but not the sidewalk and street. My issue is it is only recording one zone, Where my truck is actually parked you can see it clearly in the video, but if I am around my truck no movement is detected.

After spending ~$1100 I do not feel confident that this system works the way it should, and I really have a hit or miss chance of it actually alarming, recording, and notifying me as setup. I am ready to box it all back up and return to Amazon and Best Buy. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The motion sensor lights up red when detecting movement in test mode. If it is detecting motion in ‘regular’ behaviour, it should flash blue when detecting movement.
Were you in test mode when it wa flashing red?