Night vision not working

Hi can anyone help?

One of my eufy pro 2 cams night vision comes on for a few seconds then just goes off… I have tried moving the camera to different locations and it is always the same.


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Sounds like junk. In your home in a dark room does it behave the same? If so it’s trash. Return or replace. Or flush.

I should add… do a hard reset first.

I have the same problem with a new 2c pro , nigh vision works for 1 sec then goes to complete dark during the night

Same thing for me, 2 of 3 eufycam 2 pro has this issue. One of them turns on for 1 second and the other one won’t turn on at all! Can they really be defective, 2 of 3? How do I do a hard reset on the cam?

Moved my two cameras who won’t turn on night vision to another homebase but it didn’t help. Can this be a fw issue or are they defective? I have nothing to compare with because the cameras is a week old but camera number 3 is placed indoor with a lots of windows and that one works fine, even before it’s completely dark.

I have the same issue with my outdoor cameras. One works perfectly the other night vision is not working neither are the notifications! Any advice would be gratefully received or do I just send them back?

I’m just waiting for some advice or feedback from eufy because I have exactly the same issue, my cameras are completely useless when it’s dark :rage: I have contacted eufy yesterday but no response yet.

+1 looking for a solution, two out of five camera’s don’t switch to night vision. Couple of days a go they did. Is it because of the new firmware? They update 4th of april.

You might try to give the bad cam a good shake. The IR is operated by a mechanical linkage that might be jammed. Sometimes giving them a good whack will break them loose.

I just returned a brand new Cam 2 that was always in night vision. The only way to make it view thngs normally was to switch off night vision. I tried the shake fix, but it was almost like the linkage was backwards.

Same issue here!

Had 3 normal cams before (no Pro’s), they worked great!

Now I gave them to my parents-in-law and I got stuck with 3 not-well-working EufyCams 2 Pro. The problem is absolutely the same here! I don’t think it’s a connection issue. I also think it’s something mechanical. I can always here the cams switching into night-vision mode by a little click and the a few seconds later the night vision turns off again…For that price I think the support should be better…

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Same problem

Same problem on Pro 2 Cams. It must be firmware issue was fine before update in the 4th April

Having the same issues! I have five 2 Pro cameras all working, auto night vision worked. But since the recent update 4.4.3 night vision does not work? When I get a notification it’s a pitch black image, and the video event is also pitch black! I have tried turning off, on auto night vision, removed and re-added all cameras. For some strange reason it works a few times then stops, no night vision at all. Also noticed since the update when I view the 2 Pro cameras there’s a clicking sound. I’ve only had my 2 Pro cameras for a few months from no Eufy AliExpress. I really do hope the cameras are not defective. Disappointing for a security system!

If anyone has any resolution, please post, thanks all.

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I had the same issue but it has been fixed with an update. I had to contact eufy and they pushed 4.5.8 update to my cameras and they now are working as they should.

I am wondering why we must ask eufy to get those update and why this is not automatic??
I still don’t have this update on my eufycams…

I am having an almost constant clicking as well. Can I get a FW update?

Same issue with two out of 4 cameras I just bought. Says firmware is up to date do I return them?

I purchased my 2C Pro just over a month ago. The auto FM update on first use put it on to 4.5.8 straight away. Maybe the issue is with a certain older firmware or a certain batch of cameras that caused this issue/bug? :man_shrugging:

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