Night vision for wired doorbell

Is there a way to manually turn on night vision? I have a street lamp right outside the door, so the night vision never triggers. It is difficult to see anything but the outlines of trees at night.

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Not that I can see on mine…I have the battery doorbell but wired to existing chime.

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I have the same issue, is there a workaround to force night vision?

Anyone who find a fix?

There is no way to manually turn on night mode… the customer service agent responded “Could you please place something above the doorbell to see if it helps to block the light?” I guess they wanted me to block my camera to activate the night mode? My second doorbell completely stopped working recently, so I’m going to research different brands.

Interesting - I found that because of the street lamp outside my house, night vision turning on actually made the picture worse, so I ended up disabling it.