Newbie struggling

I’ve just bought and fitted a Eufy battery doorbell.

I’ve found the whole process a bit of a struggle despite being reasonably competent with IT and gadgets

It took about three tries to get the chime and doorbell installed and connected but now they are, things are worse

The one thing it does well is ‘ding’ my phone when someone walks past.

But when I tap the iPhone app to see what I can do, it’s a real struggle. Firstly it takes about half a minute to “establish a secure connection” with the doorbell. Secondly, when I get connected the person is long gone. And thirdly, I can’t even see who it was because, when I eventually find “Events” it shows “No events this day” despite having detected me walking past and me ringing the bell. At first it said “no card” (why did it not say that during set up?) and now I’ve bought a card and inserted it, there are still no events. Oh, I found “local” and “cloud” which I wasn’t told about. It probably would have done nothing if I hadn’t made a choice. But now I have made a choice it still does nothing.

So far I’m really disappointed. Is it me?

in the settings of the homebase 2 under security settings for the doorbell make sure you have record video checked. the system gives you the ability to just receive notifications or receive notifications and record video.

Hello. Thanks for your reply.
I think I may be making progress …

Looking at the app I noticed that it now says “no sd card”. It didn’t say that before.
So I went and had a look and the card was on the floor!!! (I’ll put this down to human error :slightly_frowning_face:)

So the card is now in and this time it asked to be formatted … which was done successfully. So I’m optimistic. I’ll let you know how I get on.

One other thing though, when you refer to “the Homebase 2” what do you mean? The app seems to be called “Eufy Security”, the doorbell is “doorbell” and the chime is “chime”. So what is the Homebase 2?

My thanks again

I went out of the front door, got a notification (as before)
But this time, when I checked, there is a recording
Great :grinning:

Do not have the doorbell but do have the cameras and a pan n tilt cam.

There are about 3 to 4 ways to record video
1 Micro SD card. In records on SD card

Cloud service where you pay for video recorded and housed by Eufy.

NAS sort of like a self made server

Homebase. A white box that comes with some devices and can record about 32 gig of video.

I will say to just play with the buttons and explore app