New WiFi Router - Cannot Connect to Flood Cam


So my router of ten years finally died. I had my flood light cam hooked up to this router so obviously I had to change it over to my new router. When I went into the app, and went to change the wifi it prompted me to go through the steps as if I had just gotten it.

It asked me to plug it in and wait for a red light - obviously this did not happen since it’s hard wired ten feet up on my garage.

Anyway, I clicked on the app that it was red, and then it asked me to push the button on top of the cam until it blinks white. I did this and it did begin blinking white. It then prompted me to connect to the cam’s wifi, which I did, and it told me it was connected without internet. No problem. I click back in the app and it keeps insisting that it connects to the cams wifi. It was connected like I said, but without internet. I proceeded to do this over and over again to no avail.

My new router is not on 5G and it’s not any fancy gaming or cinema router.

What are my options here? Is this floodlight cam now useless? Any helps would be appreciated.

Thank you

@Brooklyn I do remember reading on here once in the past that someone had an issue when they change their router. I figured Eufy would have fixed the issue by now.

However, I also remember recently reading within the last few weeks, that someone connected their Floodlight camera to their phone first (don’t remember the specifics, something to do with the wifi) and then they were able to set it up afterwards. I would do a search of this issue in past chats because it did come up and was answered at one point. Good luck!!

@Brooklyn I believe this was the response…