New to Eufy. Hence, questions

  1. Where can I find the IP addresses of my Wired and Wireless Doorbells and my Eufycam 2? The Home base and the wired camera both list the same address which is the address of my ISP. They must be on my local network.

  2. How do I view my Eufy cameras on my Mac and PC?

Hi @CGC! Thank you for letting us know your concern.

The Local IP Address could not be shown in the eufy security app but it can be found in your router’s DHCP Client List.

For the camera setting, due to the privacy concern, we have made the setting only available to changed on the user’s mobile device via eufy security app.

According to our customer demand, we have made the LiveView available on the web channel, when you access:

Hope this information helps. If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

We have several Eufy cameras (eufyCam 2 T8114) that drop connection and then reconnect frequently. We are trying to troubleshoot this, but I am unable to locate them on our DHCP server. Do you know what the default hostname of the devices would look like? I do not see any device with eufy in the hostname on any of our VLANs.

Try Little Snitch it will show you all connections.

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Is this really your answer " to look at the DHCP entries on the router" utter rubbish , I have 60 devices and 6 Eufy cameras, the indoor ones have MAC addressess on them , that is all we are asking for … Why did you not put a MAC address on the outside ones ???

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