New privacy zones

I have just discovered the long awaited privacy zones on my 2c system. I’ve just turned it on to try and reduce false alarms from cars driving past the house.

Can you make it possible to mask in shapes other than rectangles and that there be more than two blackout boxes.

Improvement though.


What firmware do you have? I cannot find privacy zones on my 2c cameras.

1.7.4 apologies for delay only just realised dot on app was notification.

I have several 2c cams, ALL with 1.7.4 but
only one of them has privacy zone. I ran check for firmware update and they are all up to date.

Anyone have a suggestion?

+1 I also use mine to try and block false alert areas. I would rather have black boxes all over my view than false triggers outside of my activity zones that don’t work.

I should edit this… don’t work on my battery cams. The new wired outdoor cams activity zones actually work quite well!

Hello. In my System with the 2c cams there are avtivity areas and since 3 or 4 weeks it was posdible to set data protected areas. But since today both are no more available. Firmware 1.7.4 What’s happend?

Interesting!?! iOS or Android app?