It’s coming, Finally… :clap:

Few questions though,

  • How does it work with existing eufycam 1, 2, E, n… ??
  • Is it compatible with Video Doorbell Wired/Battery versions??
  • How about the Flood light camera? hope eufy remembered that product :thinking:

I thought Eufy was working on getting the wired doorbell and floodlight to connect directly to a HomeBase for storage. If that’s true, you would think this keypad would also be able to control the security modes for those as well.

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That is the ultimate goal I believe, but yet to hear any news on that. That may be the first step to integrate all eufy security products to communicate to each other via a homebase and the Keypad should rely on it too as well to control the home/away mode and other security features.

My only worry at this time is whether the existing hardware/homebase is compatible to do that or that requires a brand new homebase and other supporting security products, new eufycam, new doorbell, another version of floodlight… :man_facepalming:

I doubt the existing Devices would work though hopeful if the software updates can make them work

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@adammiarka I agree with you on all points! This would be useless if you cannot connect your existing security products (at least for the people that have them)

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Sweet! Can’t wait!