New FCC ID Doorbell Chime USB Dongle for HomeBase2

This might be add on chime for new/existing doorbells

@Ice4 what would this be for? Is it to turn on another homebase into a chime for your doorbell?

I’m guessing the wired doorbell is not connected to the homebase, so this will allow the homebase to act as a chime :thinking:
@Mengdi @AnkerSupport correct me if I’m wrong.

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FWIW, I noticed this in the app recently.

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So for the homebase 2 it’ll be a choice of expanding storage or a chime?
Will the homebase support a hub to allow both?

With 2k cameras coming I think the fixed 16gb storage was a bit short sighted

Thanks for the post @zyphaz that gives us an idea of it.
Now as @Haloweenhamster asked can we use a hub to expand USB slots and to have more memory to cover multiple cameras?

Currently not, It will be supported soon!

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Thanks @Mengdi for the response, at least we can hope it’s coming one day.

Hi, Is there any estimated date when this will be available to purchase in the UK?


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