New eufy Security Product naming discussion

Hi eufy backers,

We are going to launch a 2K standalone camera without a home base but can store video in MicroSD card. It can connect Wi-Fi directly. The ID is totally the same as eufyCam 2 add-on camera, and the retail price is around $100. The difference is that compared with eufyCam 2, it has shorter battery life (around 3 month) and no military grade data encryption.

Now what is the name should this new baby be? Should it be called eufyCam XXX?

  • eufyCam Solo
  • eufyCam Lite
  • eufyCam Go
  • UniCam
  • Solo Cam
  • Go Cam


If you have other naming options, please also propose, thanks!


Assuming it has to connect to WiFi, Eufy Cam Solo or Solo Cam. Don’t call it Eufy Cam Go because it can’t go anywhere, it needs WiFi. If it does not have to connect to WiFi then Eufy Cam Go.

Yes it can directly connect with Wi-Fi

Does it have to connect to WiFi to be used? Like can it record video when motion is detected without WiFi and then get connected to WiFi to view the footage? Basically I’m wondering how exactly this thing works for video recording.

Eufycam Go

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It seems that if you wanted to connect a bunch of these to your wifi, it would eat you your bandwidth.

But if you only need one it seems very convenient.

@Mengdi will the cam work with HomeKit?! If so that would be a great addition to my lineup at home.:heart_eyes:

Nice, there will be a new cam from Eufy.
The choises you gave, I prefer Eufy Solo

Lite would suggest, I don’t get the full deal. Just less battery life isn’t enough for naming it Lite.
Go would suggest, it is portable from home. Like taking it to the beach or to a party.

Personal I could imagine Eufy Free, but that wasn’t one of your options.

Looking forward to read a full review of your new product.

@Mengdi I like ‘eufyCam 2 Jr.’ short for Junior

please vote~

please vote~

I voted.
What do you think of “eufyCam 2S (Solo)”?


I love the sound of that!! Eufy Cam 2S

eufyCam 2S not a bad name…rhyming with cell phone company’s line up :wink:
I think $100 pricing may hurt as the other brands are attempting to launch a battery operated cameras as well.

eufyCam lite +1

2S is not good, because this camera is much cheaper, but s means better one.

I voted Solo as on its own makes total sense to me thanks :grinning:

I’d call it “eufycam 2 standalone” as that is what it is.
In software standalone means you need no extras installed, it works by itself.

eufyCam Lite given the price differential, limited battery, and encryption.