NEW eufy Security Explore Tab

Got this popped up on my eufy Security App. Excited to see what’s coming.



Must be a region-specific change - not on my app in Australia


As of this morning at 430 am I don’t have an explore tab just popups of eufy deals! Im not happy about this happening it takes away from the experience.:-1:t2:

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I see the new Explore Tab

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Yes… :point_up: this is what it is

So its just a built in tab for soliciting there products?! There are bigger problems with the app that need to be addressed not a new tab.


Please move the tab, as now it’s even harder to change between “away” and “home”.

Still there’s no option to have a schedule + geofencing (which is really buggy).

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@Ice4 instead of adding tabs and celebrating that how about taking a look at the most active topics in the forum and do something about google integration?

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Bugger off with the explor tab, the reason I chose Eufy was because I wasn’t forced to pay for access and there wasn’t advertising all over the app!!! You don’t need to advertise on the app. Most users know about your new products from all them damn emails. Why not think about your users?!!!