New behavior for 2C Pro cam Live View

I was testing a new 2C pro cam today with the Eufy solar panel. I found that the 3 minute Live View warning and cut-off has gone away for the latest firmware version. This cam was on version 5.2.7 and was updated yesterday.

Edit: I checked my older 2C Pro cams on 3.8.1 and they have the cut-off and message removed as well, so it’s not only the latest firmware. Those cams were updated a month ago.

I was able to Live View the cam for over 20 minutes without any warning or cutoff. At first, I thought it might be because of the Solar power source I had selected, but changing it to Battery yielded the same results. Looks like this limitation has gone away. It would be a battery killer if you left that running, but it is nice not to have that warning and cut-off if you don’t respond.

Decided to check an old 2C cam and see if it had changed. I had one that had the latest firmware at 1.7.4, updated yesterday. Unfortunately, it still had the 3 minute warning and cut-off. Looks like only the newer stuff gets the change at this point.

I checked the firmware consolidation thread and there was a cryptic “Optimize Live View timeliness” entry at 5.1.5, but with that explanation, its hard to tell. The thread doesn’t even referernce any version 3 or 4, so can’t tell whats been happening to the Pro series.

Eufy really needs to learn better communication skills!!! The can’t even inform their customers when they do something good for a change.

Edit: Ran Live View longer today. It ran for 75 minutes without a hiccup or message. It did suck down the battery about 2%, since its not sunny here today.