Never again: security - zero; hype - ten

Purchased 2 sets of x4 Eufy Cameras. Connected 8 cameras to 1 base and kept the base as a “spare”.
All was pretty good for a while until some recent updates came through that broke the whole system rendering it completely unusable, unstable and basically useless as security.

At one point it got too bad. No recordings were happening, all my"automations" were simply wiped off. My custom modes got wiped off. The settings for each camera were inaccessible.
Attempted to reset everything few times reading all cameras, even pulled out the new base and nothing resolves it.

There are plenty of similar (and so similar too but bad enough).
This is, for example, the embarrassing experience my friend had to whom I strongly recommended Eufy.

Don’t even get me started on the promised IFTTT integration that never arrived.

Support has been nothing but useless in resolving the issue IMO.
But I’m including my full conversation to not be biased and let you be the judge.

So there you go

11 May 2020

Dear dnagir,

Thanks for contacting eufy customer support.

We appreciate for giving us a chance to address your concern. Please be assured that we will help you resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Sorry to hear that there is no video recording of what could have triggered the alarm. Before we further move on, could you please confirm if you mean that you want both camera alarm and Homebase alarm when there is a motion trigger? If yes, please make sure you have enabled both Homebase and camera alarm under security mode. You may refer to the attachment for more details.

When the camera detects the motion, both the camera and Homebase will alarm off. Also, there will be a notification pushed to you, please click this notification, you will get to know what triggered the alarm. These videos will be saved in the events lists, you can check the video over there.

If no, please tell us more details about your concern so that I can better assist you.

Thanks for your time and let me know if you still have questions about it.

Have a nice day!

Reference Ticket#26540138 if contacting a CSR

29 July 2020


Yes, I confirm that all the options you mentioned are enabled and have always been.

I did see the recording in the past but note recently so something got broken.


29 July 2020

Dear dnagir,

Nice to hear from you.

Before we further move on, please confirm if you mean that the recently recorded videos are not able to see. If yes, may I know if this camera stops recording? To better assist you, please send us a screenshot of your events list. Also, please confirm if all of your cameras have this issue or just one of them? Please let us know the serial number of this camera. Step: Camera settings>Device Info>Serial Number.

Awaiting your reply so that we can further move on.

1 Aug 2020


It seems that potentially one of the recent updates might have caused it.

I have 8 cameras and only one of those is now accessible to stream the video from.

All others can’t be accessed at all.

But even the one I can see video on, cannot enable motion detection.

See the video below:

On top of that, the Schedule did not switch the mode correctly, presumably due to the issues above, but gave me zero warning or alert that my whole system was disarmed.

This renders the system completely useless.

Can you please fix it and feel free to access it if you need for troubleshooting purposes.


1 Aug 2020

Dear dnagir,

Thanks for contacting eufy customer service and sorry for my late response.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this issue has caused to you and let’s get you taken care of as quickly as possible.

Rest assured that I have forwarded these information to our back end engineer for further analysis and will keep you updated as soon as I get a reply from them within 2 working days.

Thanks again for your valuable time. Let’s keep in touch!

Reference Ticket#53692983 if contacting a CSR

3 Aug 2020

Dear dnagir,

Hope this email finds you well and sorry for your delayed response.

With regard to your concern, please know that we have configured a new firmware to help you solve this problem. Could you please check if your system back to normal currently?

Deeply sorry for all the trouble it has caused. Please feel free to let us know if there is anything that we can do for you. We are always here.

3 Aug 2020


I have seen the update yesterday. It didn’t fix much if anything at all and the system is still unusable.

I am also worried that all the settings are now lost that took me months to refine as most of camera features are disabled now and I can’t change any settings.

I also did try to restart the base to eliminate any issues (both soft and hard restart) but no luck.

Please see the video recording I just did:

Hope you can resolve it ASAP as my whole property is not secured now.


4 Aug 2020

Dear dnagir,

Thank you very much for your video. It is very helpful.

In this situation, for a quick troubleshooting, sorry to confirm with you, have you ever try to delete the Homebase from your phone app and then re-add all of your devices to see how it works after that?

4 Aug 2020


I cannot redo all the setup as I have spent months refining the motion sensitivity, battery life, zones, video duration etc on all 8 cameras and it would take me months again to redo it all.

I can’t even see the current settings anymore to write them down.

So I need a proper solution please.

5 Aug 2020

Dear dnagir,

Thank you very much for your reply and thank you for your prompt response.

We sincerely apologize for your problem. Since this is a very complex problem now, and it is not sure if the problem caused by the setting. The best and quickest way is to reset all of your devices and then readd them from the beginning to make them working again. If you have any concern of the setting for your cameras. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

5 Aug 2020


Just want to confirm. Are you suggesting that you can’t identify the problem and can’t fix it?

5 Aug 2020

Dear dnagir,

Thank you for your reply.

Sorry that we could not identify the problem very well currently and to fix or improve this problem, the best way is reset the system and readd them from the beginning. Please feel free to let us know it works for you.

Once again I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Reference Ticket#53692983 if contacting a CSR

5 Aug 2020

I have removed and added one of the cameras and still cannot stream the video.

Also just now noticed that all of my automations were wiped from the base.

This will definitely go as a negative review. So much for the security camera.

Quite a few people are affected by the same issue and it’s horrifying that Eufy is unable to rectify it.

More updates for you.

I have setup the whole system with 8 cameras from the beginning using a brand new home base and direct ethernet connection and I’m having constant connectivity issues with the base which I’ve never had before.

The base light just flips between red and white and is reported as unavailable.

I’m confident it’s one of your software updates that is causing the issue on the base and makes the system unusable even when setup from the very scratch.

This needs resolution as I can’t find workaround anymore after trying everything from the beginning.

It looks like one of your updates broke the connectivity when WiFi is enabled on the base.

Disabling this option and connecting over Ethernet was the only way I could work around the issue.
This is not good enough for me as I can’t use ethernet but I hope this will help you resolving it.

I hope you are able to fix it now properly.

Spoke too early. That failed to add soon as the cameras started recording.

The base went offline with the red light again.

I think the software on the home base keeps crashing and forcing the base to restart.

I wish I could see any logs on the base.

There’s nothing else I can think of that I can do on my side abs the firmware needs to be fixed

Please resolve ASAP.

7 Aug 2020

Dear dnagir,

Thanks for providing the detailed information!

Rest assured that I have forwarded these information to our back end engineer for further analysis and will keep you updated as soon as I get a reply from them within 2 working days.

Thanks again for your valuable time. Let’s keep in touch!

Reference Ticket#53692983 if contacting a CSR

Dear dnagir,

Sorry for keeping you waiting!

We sincerely apologize for all inconvenience caused to you. With regard to your problem, if I understand it correctly, do you mean that all of your cameras are offline from your phone app now, right?

In this case, could you please change another ethernet cable to connect the Homebase and the router to have a try?

In order to have a closer look at this case, please help to provide us with the following information:

  • A screenshot of your order invoice/details

Again, I sincerely apologize for all the inconvenience caused. We do attach great importance to your case and hope to make this right for you as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for your patience and have a nice day!


I have tried to use different cables and also WiFi too to connect to the router. I’m very confident there was no issue with my connection and the router as all my other devices at home work with no issues too.

I have also provided two videos replicating the issue before so including again in case you haven’t seen:

This one is before the complete reset and with latest update. It doesn’t show all the automations that were also completely wiped off from the base.

This one is with a brand new base (I purchased 2 sets of 4 cameras and only used one base) which have never been turned on before.

I could see that the base was flipping between red and white at semi random and the only link I could derive was that it happened whenever any cameras were recording but that wasn’t the only trigger.

I’m a developer myself and TBH it looked like it’s was crashing and restarting in a loop.

Today is the first day that it didn’t seem to do it and I only had base unavailable maybe once.

But that leaves me extremely worried about any future updates to the base being applied without my review automatically and how careless the update was.

I know many people are having similar issues so that’s not isolated to me.

I’m also frustrated at how much time I spent debugging it, resetting everything and now I have to refine all the settings (for such I spent months to get right) because I couldn’t read those settings due to the bug described in the first video.

More frustrated that the support admitted there was no way to recover any of my settings and being forced to reset.

Attaching my 2 proves of purchase which cost me $XXXX. This is the price of a fully wired system and I was expecting much higher reliability from Eufy.

And TBH I’d expect at least some credit for Anker store or similar for all the trouble.

Hope my rant and some info will help avoiding any future issues.

Today though the base seems to be ok for better or worse.


8 Aug 2020

Dear dnagir,

Thank you very much for your detailed and full explanation. We sincerely apologize for the problem caused to you.

Please be assured that we will forward all of your suggestions and feedback to our developers and they will pay much attention to the new firmware in the future.

After checking your order information, we regret that you are not buying directly from our company store. According to the company’s after-sales policy, we can provide life-long technical support for our products, but when it comes to return and exchange, you also need to contact your seller directly to assist you with the processing.

If you encounter any problems in communication with the seller, please contact us and we will do our best to help you solve the problem as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. Please let us know if you have any further request!

Have a nice day.

15 Aug 2020

So I had an alarm go off today on both base and camera.

Have no single record of that happening on the base or anywhere.

The base light now turns off, turns red, white off again and goes in circles. After this I’m still unable to use it and no activity is recorded from any cameras anymore at all.

I verified that the base is connected to the router via Ethernet and has full internet connection.

After multiple restarts, power offs, it is till not working and there are still no recordings on the base even though I clearly get a notification.

Please see the video attached - it shows the notification but still no videos or alert records whatsoever that happened shortly before the recording.

What am I supposed to do with this system after spending $XXXX and all the installation I’ve done??

pending response but not having high hopes…


8 cameras on one box, I’m surprised it didn’t leave a crater.

I tested 2 wireless doorbells yesterday on a 2x2c system with a single indoor cam (5 units overall) and it felt like I was being dragged underwater. Had to delete one of my cameras to test the new bell to avoid the ‘x is busy’ nonsense.

When I bought eufy I think it said a single HB would support 16 cameras…

I’ve had them just over a week, the reset button seems for me to be thinking about sending them all back.


Advertising stated connect up to 16 cameras per one Homebase, false. I had 10 2C cameras with constant issues, the Homebase 2 was not capable of handling 10 cameras. Eufy support advised me via email, no more than 4/5 cameras per Homebase.