Network not available

We had the Eufy security camera system put in 5 days ago and out of the five days one day there was no notifications / recordings due to system unavailable it eventuallysorted itself back to being online the day after. During the five days its been installed it has randomly been showing system unavailable which means we can’t go onto any cameras and check what’s going on. It’s not the internet as we’re online with no issues. Is it normal for the Eufy system to be this unreliable?


Same here, internet is pretty strong. Just installed a Netgear mesh system, still getting the message.

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Same here.
Randomly showing system unavailable and unable to see live video.
When trying to play it only says “preparing to play” for ages.
As mentioned above wifi-connection is very strong.

It doesn’t record without wifi connection. It’s an unsecured/useless camera.

I installed a couple of 2c Pro cameras near the end of December. One camera has proved to reasonably reliable (with me being able to view live footage most of the time).

The other camera is near useless. It will stay connected for a short time but then it will “disconnect” and I can’t stream live video. I get a -3 error first, then a -205 error on the 2nd attempt, pretty much every time.

I’ve done a full factory reset of the cameras and the homebase and have swapped the location of the cameras, fixed my wifi channel to avoid interference nothing resolves this issue. After a couple of weeks of testing I’ve noticed that the faulty camera still detects movement and is able to send notifications pretty much every time, it’s the live video that’s not available and if I turn on video recording upon movement detection I don’t get all the events.

I can say with confidence this isn’t an issue with my WiFi or an issue with the WiFi stability between the cameras and the homebase, I tested withbthe homebase around 8 feet away with full line of sight.

One thing I have noticed looking around the Eufy community, mesh networks seem to be mentioned a lot when this issue is brought up. I’m also running a mesh network. This could though be me seeing something that isn’t there via some unconscious bias.

I’ve been in contact with support who have been prompted in their responses but nothing suggested has resolved this.

Seems strange that it’s the same camera having the issue it may be an issue with a botched firmware update (I’m getting to thinking this is an issue with some sort of auth token expiry) and I haven’t tried changing the order I add the cameras to the system but at this point I’m pretty much at the stage of sending the whole lot back and looking for alternatives.

I need to get able to trust a security product, not spend weeks going up and down a ladder to carry out field tests. Hoping support can offer something that solves this.

Have you been able to resolve the issue?

I’ve never had any problems with my two 2C camera’s. Purchased a L20 last week, and it doesn’t record nor does it give any notifications. The camera does see motion (light goes on) and I’m always able to liveview the camera with no problems.

Also have a “Network not available” pop-up every time I open the app. But everything else seems to work fine, including the livestreaming. Really frustrating and no idea how to resolve this. I might return the camera if it continues to have issues.

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