Need help figuring something out

Hi I’m just wondering if anybody can/could help me and tell me/let me know how I can post and share my video that I’ve saved on my phone so I can add it to my most recent post so I am able to try and win this recent contest, just so I can be able to show proof of my story. That would be most absolutely wonderful. I’ve tried looking up everything in the community section and I’ve come up with nothing. So I’m really thinking I needed to ask for help after 6-7 days of trying to figure it out lol especially since as I am very very new to all of this stuff as I just recently got the 2K battery powered doorbell for the front door of my house and then now like three days ago I just recently received my second camera which this time I am trying the eufy cam 2C. So I’m hoping it’s really not a bad camera. Because sometimes the doorbell is absolutely garbage and not worth the money. I’m a really lucky domestic abuse survivor and this doorbell doesn’t capture everything and anything like it’s supposed to and sometimes I don’t even get nothing captured until someone is already just getting back into their car and so that most definitely does not make me feel safe at all what so ever. But obviously I’m assuming I’m not able to send it back and exchange it for another 2C cam lol not sure what the warranty exchanges are on these things… Does anybody know that either too as well lol