Need battery to use on boat

I am going to be setting up a Eufy camera system on a boat. The boat has AC power, but I’d like to avoid using it for the Eufy. Can you recommend a battery or UPS to use with the Eufy Homebase 2? How long could the Homebase operate on such a battery?

Also, I’ve seen mention that you can replace the internal SD storage with a higher capacity drive. Is that true? If so, how? I don’t see an obvious way to open up the homebase.

And is there a manual somewhere, other than the incredibly brief “quick start guide”? I’m trying to get it to notify my phone when motion is detected, and I can’t get that to work.

Finally, is there a way to set up the system on a wifi network if you don’t have access to an ethernet port? I’ve gotten it set up at home on my home network. Now I want to move it to my boat in the marina. The setup instructions have you connect the homebase to the network via ethernet, I don’t have a way to do that. But the marina does have a strong wifi signal I can use.

All you need a eufycam (2c). They are battery powered and you don’t need to charge them often if you have minimal motion. Hide the homebase somewhere secure on the boat. They can all work on WiFi.

I’m talking about the homebase itself. I have the eufycams. I’d like to battery backup the homebase.

Is this the right place for me to get support? I’m new to the product line and came across this forum. Is there somewhere I can get help from Eufy tech support?

@Dpt, Eufy has talked about releasing a stand-alone camera that is battery operated, weather rated, runs on Wifi and has an SD card in it. That said, it’s been a while since they’ve released any information about it.

To get support, you’ll have to email their support team or live chat with them. This forum is more user-to-user support.

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