Need advise vs Blink and others


I don’t want to turn this into a VS discussion. I just would like to know how the Eufy system compares to Blink in and others (specially Blink).

I currently have a Blink setup which I like due to the fact that blink doesn’t requiere an ultra fast internet connection - I have roughly 2 mbps upload speeds and blinks works like a champ, no lag, notification are spot on and video is fluid and smooth.

However, I bought some Ring stuff like the Stick Up cams and Floodlight, but I see that they are heavily dependent on wifi, therefore due to my internet speed, the motion recording has constant lag and useless for me in terms of security.

But I am looking for a complete system. Eufy has almost everything I need plus a base station in which I imagine motion clips are not heavily or “totally” dependent on my wifi speed.

I would like to know your opinion on the matter. I will return all my Ring stuff since it didn’t really work. I just tested 1 floodlight of three that I bought and 2 Stick Up.

Their security system works, but if I switch to Eufy I may change the security system for alarm purposes.

Thank you.