Live View stops

When i go to on my computer i click into one of my indoor cams to get a live view. It will work for a while but then hang/stops showing a live view. I had an indoor pointed out my front window since i haven’t gotten the 2C Pro outdoor set up yet and i was waiting on someone getting to my house. At some point it stops showing the live view even though the picture is still there. The person that i was waiting for got there but i didn’t see them. Is this the norm, or expected. You can’t even tell it isn’t showing live.

There is a 3 minute timeout for Live View for some of the cams. Not sure if this is what you are seeing. It’s the same for most cams in the Eufy app Live View. Just recently, they removed the 3 minute timeout for the Pro series cams, but everything else still has it.


Thank you, i’m sure that is it.

What, why!?!?!!?!? Why would any company have this setup that can’t be changed?

The whole reason I bought this security system was so that I can livestream. Am tempted to thrown the whole fucking (expensive) thing in the bin and go buy something else.