My home base keeps repeating itself

My homebase keeps repeating “homebase is ready for setup” over and over again but … it’s already been set up and is already actively recording and everything, please help its driving me crazy I can’t even figure out how to just mute the hole thing but I’d rather fix it to just stop saying that but if someone could just tell me how to mute the damn thing hell I’d be happy with that.

Try to restart it. Then try to remove it from the app. If those don’t work I would reset it using the reset button hidden on the back. You will have to setup the cameras again.

Thanks I’ll try it. I have already tried everything except resetting. Where at on it is the reset button? I only see the button to power off after I unplug it??

It’s recessed on the back. I needed a pen/needle to push it. Now I’m on a homebase 2 so if it’s the original it may not have it. It needs to be plugged in when you do it.

I’ve had the same problem happen twice over the last week. It happened to me first right after the latest firmware update for Homebase 2