My Eufy cam Is now slow to response

Hello Eufys, just wondering why all my eufy security cam are now very slow to response. I keep clearing up the storage and I upgrade also my ethernet cable to cat 8 but still slow.
Please advice thank you.


Reboot your router. I have had the router cause slow responses from my cams before. Not sure why, but a reboot always clears it up.

I agree. Less intrusive than other options

I did restart my router too, I even complained my internet provider about my internet speed and was resolved but still my Eufys are still very slow. I have 4 door sensor, 3 security camera and 1 doorbell all eufys is this the cause to slow down the the home base.

Please thank you.

Have you done a speedtest on your connection? The upload speed matters more than download here as you are accessing the homebase from the app.

I have 10 cameras, a doorbell, 6 sensors and 2 keypads and my response time for Live View is 2-3 seconds. Notifications take about the same time.

My internet plan is 300mbps download 300mbps upload, I also used wifi booster But still slow. When I heard doorbell first thing I do is to open the camera but it takes forever to response sometime the response is disconnected. Maybe I just hope for rhe best next time.

Are you really getting 300 Mbps up and down? Have you measured using speedtest?

I am getting 60 Mps down and 5 Mps upload and am happy with 2-3 second response.

How long is forever in seconds?

It shows every time I check the speed test using internet provider account. I really don’t know whats going on.

Forever like queuing permanently and I stop and open the app again and the response sometimes failed. Sometime when I open the app a notification shows that eufy is not connected to my internet.

You might have interference with your wifi. Is your homebase connected by wifi or ethernet?

I had issue where accessing the cameras were slow and also at time I couldn’t access it. I changed the wifi channel the homebase was connected to, and had no issues after that.

Thanks guys for advise…I used ethernet for better connection, I upgrade also my ethernet cable to cat 8 hoping to improve the speed. I change also the router mode to performance mode. So far its working better right now. My place here is cold maybe it affect the performanc.

Thanks to all…