Mute notifications by device and location

Please allow for us to mute or turn off notifications like Ring does. It would be nice to mute or turn off notifications for other shared locations all together and for individual devices per persons mobile device. For example, my parents share their devices with me and I don’t need to get every notification from all their devices and would like to choose which devices of theirs that I want to receive notifications from without it affecting the notifications options they personally want. Right now if we put a device notification in mute or sleep for a duration of time it changes the notification settings for everyone. With the Ring app if I were to choose to turn off motion notifications on a device from the Ring app on my phone I won’t get them and if my mom or dad wants the motion alerts on for them they would turn them on in the Ring app on their phone. What one of us chooses doesn’t change the others.


I would have expected this to be part of the Manage Home function but it’s not.
Please Eufy allow us to manage notification of cameras on the phone itself rather than snooze the camera for all its users.


+1 it’s ridiculous that you have multi user app, but you can’t mute notifications for one or more of the users, basic functionality really, why would every user want / need notifications at the same time as every other user?

Please fix this, this is basic functionality with every other doorbell I’ve owned / used.

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+1 BUMP - why go to the effort to get a household member to setup an individual account just to access the cameras, then not let them personalise their experience ? Seems backward in thinking