Multiple garagedoor messages Eufy Entry Sensor

Since a couple of days I have a Entry Sensor on my garagedoor. It seems to work fine apart from the fact that I recieve 3 messages (open-close-open) within seconds when the door is opening. When closing, I do receive 1 message (close).

I mounted the sensor as follows, where the contact goes upwards when the door opens

Is this relates to how the contact is plced maybe?

Any ideas? Thanks!

How high up the door is the sensor? Mine is located close to the top of the door. Its possible if yours is located lower that some piece of metal on the door is slightly magnetic and the sensor is seeing multiple make-breaks of the internal switch.

I decided that mounting mine as high as possible would be better in case the door opened partially and then stopped.

So far, mine has been working correctly for over 3 years with no false triggers or multiple trips. I still have the original battery in it.

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That was a good tip. At the orginal location there were some metal parts surrounding the contact, which probably triggered the sensor. I moved the sensor to a different location and that seems to work now.

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