Multiple cameras, multiple homes

Hi all, I’ve moved out of home where I had 4 eufy cams set up which I can still watch as I have all the cameras connected on the app and I can still check into see my family home. However I’ve moved out and brought two cameras with home base of course.
If I add the cameras to the app will they also be added to my family’s app. Will they also be able to see the live streams and watch my cameras?

I feel like it’s A silly question but just not sure.
Hope you can help and hope the question makes sense!
Thank you

If you are the primary admin, you can add your new setup to the existing account and then see everything at both locations. You can set up your new cameras and homebase so that it is either shared on the same account or only shows up for your account. Note that just being and admin isn’t enough. You need to be the original admin that set up the account in order to control what devices are shared. All this is controlled by the Family and Guest menu in the app. You choose which devices are seen by each account.