Multiple accounts one device?

hi ihave a the 2cpro set up at my house

I want to add 2 solocams in my office. If i want my office manager to be able to access this office account, do i have to make a separate eufy account. Obviously i dont need my office manager being able to access my home account.
She also has eufy at home.
whats the best way to proceed. ?

Interesting case.
So a few things:

  • As far as I am aware, there is no way you can run multiple eufy Security apps on one Android/Apple device.
  • You cannot share a camera outside of the ‘familiy’.
  • You can invite her as a guest to your ‘family’ and only share the solocam.

So the only way forward is to invite her to your family and share the one solocam with her (as guest or admin).
This is uncharted territory for me, as I have never seen an existing user with their own cameras get shared an ‘external’ device.
Please keep us informed!

Interesting as well.

Two users with Eufy cameras. One will share a camera with the other one. So what will happen when she is shared as a family of the other person camera.

I would think it would show up in her list but as stated it would be good to know although we do not know if they had thought of that as an option for folks when building the app. So I give a 70-30 that it would work. :wink:
Worse case is she would have to get another email for a second eufy account and have to log in and out of it or have a separate device to log into her other email account to the app.

@dr380 It works. Just give her access to the one camera (via an invite with her existing email address). She won’t have access to anything else from your account, and it will just pop up on her feed as a camera.

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