Multi homebase support

Would it be possible to interlink homebases?
Rather than developing a range extender you went down the ‘add a homebase’ route
You also sold add-on products with a homebase
So now there’s lots of people using multiple homebases

If we want to change a setting or change mode we have to do it for each, if we want to setup automations we can only link devices on the same homebase

Can’t you interlink homebases so we change 1 setting for all, set the mode for the system not the homebase

With the new keypad will that work with all homebases, if not it’s useless to anyone with more than 1



I wish we could link multiple home bases!!


Let’s do this! Please eufy look into this?

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I was thinking of buying and adding the battery doorbell with to my existing Eufy cams but if I cant link the homebases together then I might as well wait for the battery doorbell to be sold separately.

Wait… I thought you could link already and use a 2nd homebase to extend range? Obviously I’m mistaken - and I don’t yet have 2 x HB2 to know… so it’s really just to extend coverage by adding a whole supplementary system, but you can see both systems on the app. Yeh that’s inefficient.

I was also thinking of getting the battery doorbell with HB2 and running 2 x HB because Eufy is taking so long to honour their existing customers in releasing just the add-on doorbell only (here in Australia) !!

If you read the original post that’s what was said, the homebases are all independent, that’s fine if you have systems in different locations to monitor different houses but if you have a second homebase to extend range or for the doorbell then it’s a pain

As a range extender all options are independent including home & away modes, automations don’t work from one to the other so for me the entry sensors can only be used on half of my cameras & inter camera automation I only have the choice of pairing

For the doorbell the chime only comes from 1 homebase

Ideally once they give the option to interlink the homebases the code is then there to allow linking to the wired doorbell, floodlight camera & indoor cameras to make it a system rather than a collection of devices


Could it not be done via a range extender to the main Homebase?

So Hear me out 1st, say you have an area of your home that isn’t covered by connectivity to your Homebase.

You could buy a range extender and add it to your Homebase.

If I was Eufy I would make it so you could personally assign devices to these range extenders and it show up on the list of devices with a drop down of assigned devices to it .(If it’s clicked on, devices can be added/removed by the user instead of auto assigning).

So if your entry sensor is too far from the Homebase but you can’t move it because of another Eufy security device. You could add this range extender, assign the entry sensor to it(admittedly I would prefer to link the entry sensor to the homebase first then associate it to the range extender) put it in place and away you go.

The plus side of this is it’s one Homebase where all devices are found on and can be manipulate from, without the hassle of creating automation to more Homebases for whenever you change the security level as it would ‘ripple’ out from the Homebase to range extender to devices

I could be completely getting the wrong end of the stick but I thought it worth discussing as well as utilising the 10+ device capacity that Eufy supposedly state for the Homebase 2.

So rather than having an interlink (2+ bases working the same) you want the homebase to have a range extender mode to allow cameras / sensors to connect to it but appear invisible?

I personally prefer the interlink option then you can separate the recordings between 2, once setup you should also be able to link other non homebase devices like the indoor cam etc

Ps cams are WiFi, sensors are 900mhz

Not invisible, I would like a separate range extender that is not a homebase to appear like any of the other devices on the one Homebase, but when you click on it it would show you what device was connected to the extender and allow you to add or removed connected devices I.e cameras/floodlights.

As for recording I prefer having just the one hub to access it all, instead of having multiple homebase where you need to remember which Homebase houses the device recording your after.

I do like the idea of being able to add non affiliated devices though.

As it stands the cameras & events appear the same if you have 1 or multiple homebases & as you can only access the recordings from the app it makes no difference but those with homebase 2 it means you double your storage from 16gb to 32gb

Standalone range extenders they prototyped then ditched
Those that complained they sent a free homebase to extend the range (that’s why I have 2)

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I thought it would be easier and cheaper with a range extender but if they’ve already gone down that route and it’s failed than I really have nothing to more add.

At least I’ve learnt that Eufy attempted a range extender.

Totally agree there needs to be total integration of the eufy ecosystem… why bother going with all eufy otherwise! hope it comes.

  • 1 here. Much of the integration could be done via the Eufy app, like letting multiple Homebases sound the alarm when a single sensor goes off. This is very basic stuff… any news here?

Agreed - this is a no brainer. Either allow multuple homebases to interlink (which is a good idea anyway!) or provide a range extender!

Wait a minute this isn’t how it works currently? Ugh shit I’m in the process of upgrading to all Eufy stuff , not thinking that they wouldnt make it a full ecosystem- sounds more like a patchwork now instead of a comprehensive solution! And I definitely thought that I could use the second homebase as a range extender! :frowning:

Due to this not being possible I’m not buying the wireless doorbell with an included Homebase. I already have 2 cams with a homebase. Due to the distance of the homebase and my gate outside (where the new doorbell could come) is too big. A new homebase would only make the homebase ring in my garage for exemple which I would not be able to here in my living room. If the homebases could communicate trought Wifi or something else this coule be solved. I would like to continue to by eufy product but this is still an obstacle to do so.

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Eufy has said it will not be updating Homebase 2 to include the ability to communicate with other homebases or to expand storage. This was confirmed in Oct 2020 on this site. At the time they said they were going to release a Homebase 3 with enhanced capabilities that was due in 2021. Lately, there was a post by a Moderator here that said it wasn’t going to be released this year. There wasn’t any clarification whether it was canceled or delayed.

TLDR: don’t hold your breath.

But not even a signal repeater for cameras too far from homebase?

No. Development is - as far as I’m aware - focused on the recently announced and released products as well as the next generation eufycam.
Personally I would not expect any mind blowing features for the eufycam 2 range (HB2 included). That’s just my gut feeling.