MP4 files wont play. States issue with codec

Hope someone can advise.
I have Eufy homebase 2 and 2 Eufy Cam 2 Pro.
System runs ok but videos download onto Android phone although claiming to be MP4 wont play video, only sound. When transferred to a laptop will also not play. Get a message about an issue with the codec.

What resolution is your video capture set at?
which player you are using in Android.
Ihave 2kcam set at 1080p capture.
no issue with download with VLC player.

try lower resolution. if it works. then it is Eufy encoder for higher resolution, probably Eufy uses h265 instead of h264.

VLC wont play h265 neither.

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If you look at the Video quality setting for the camera it says that 1080p will work with legacy hardware and software, but 2K recording may require a newer codec. What version of android are you using?

If you are using a stock video player, it might not play the high rez file.

I just tried my android emulator and phone on Android 8 & 10 and both play the 1080p and 2k mp4 files without problems. I can export them both to VLC on my PC and they play fine.

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Thanks for your reply. Cameras are set at 2k and was just accessing using android phones standard video player. Have installed the suggested video player and they now play but at a reduced 1080 which I presume the player reverts to if it cannot show at 2k due to a codec issue. I didnt set the cameras to 1080 so either the player does it or the cams are not recording at 2k.

Phone is Android 10. Cameras set to 2k, have now installed suggested video player and now plays but at 1080 not 2k. I presume the player runs it in lower definition because it cannot handle 2k but unsure. System shouldnt be recording at 1080 as cameras set to 2k.

Seems to some degree it’s down to my phone which doesn’t support 2k but at least with your help I now have downloaded videos playing on the phone all be it in 1080.

videos dont play on windows media player on my laptop either, ones recorded in 2k. They work on my phone but when sent to laptop, its just audio.

HIgh spec laptop all up to date

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look at the info of your mp4.
if part10…you need h265 codec

You probably need to update the codecs that your media player uses. Either that or download VLC, which comes with everthing you need.

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I have the same problem, but it definitely doesn’t play in VLC.