Mounting camera on sunny wall

The front of our house faces the sun, south.
I want to mount a eufy cam 2C with a solar panel.
The instructions say not to mount the camera in the sun.
If I mount the camera under the eves out of the sun it will be higher up than 2m. It will be closer to 4m.

What problems does mounting the camera higher than 2m give. Is the resolution of the image compromised?

Thank you

My 2c cams are in the sun all day long. Only problem I ever had was when I got the black silicone covers for them. Overheated the very next day.

Mounting high… remember your cams PIR motion sensor is really only good for 20-30 ft from the cam with cross screen movement and maybe 10 ft when walking straight at it. Higher = farther.

Also the human AI struggles when looking down at a person. All motion would be unaffected.