Motion Sensor scheduling

Hi, i’ve got a question regarding the eufy Motion sensor (T8910). I saw an online review about it and it says:

It works well, but it has a major flaw in a system; there is no way to switch it off/on only in the device app, with other devices still working. So if it is in the Lounge, I want to stop it sending out motion detections to my phone app, when at home, and leaving my cameras and doorbell still working.

i am missing something or i can’t “detach” the eufy sensor from the Homebase schedule?
because i need to put the sensor inside my letterbox and receive a notification every time someone opens it and puts a letter inside, so it has to be active all day long.

You can enable or disable it in a security profile like this:

Just make sure that the profile which enables or disables the sensor is active when you want it to.

ok, but is there a possibility to enable the motion sensor even if the homebase (and the linked cameras) is disarmed? (not active)

Well no, ‘disarmed’ disables everything. You can create a profile which only has the motion sensor enabled.

yes an additional “custom” profile added to the schedule is the only way to do it.
thank you

Cool! Nice idea to put one in the mailbox :smiley: