Motion sensor outdoor

hi is there any outdoor motion sensor that one can connect to a camera?


I did a little hack on the Eufy motion sensor and put it in a Blink camera case. Its been up almost 6 months through the winter and works great. I use it with several automations to trigger a camera and a doorbell. I got 3 blink cases and mounts on Amazon for less than $20 and used my dremel tool to cut out for the IR sensor.

Heres a link to the Amazon product page:


NICE! I might try this.

2 of my cams look straight into trouble and get tons of false triggers. (And motion zones are worthless) An outdoor motion sensor to trigger the cams would fix this.

Why wouldn’t they just make one for us? ( a sensor not a cover )

I am guessing they don’t see the market for it or its a ways down the list.

I had the same issue with cameras and doorbells facing right into people coming to the front door. Adding the motion sensor, so it sees people going past, has eliminated my false alarms and improved my video. Now, I see full face on rather than back of the head as they are leaving.

thanks it looks really exciting, will buy both sensors and such "cases":pray:t2::+1:t2: