Motion Sensor Device is a REAL HOOT! Tips and TRICKS, ALL RIGHT! Trick's on MEEEE

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Jeeshhh! Mine detects from one direction… (almost as if it’s predicting the person’s arrival!), but nearly and sometimes completely misses a lengthy human presence coming from the other direction, usually already walking off of the camera by the skin of their toe, so it’s pretty useless… no matter WHAT the battery life is… judging by other groups I’ve read into we have it pretty good compared to most other security companies, though… I’m graduating from the Blink Experience… ugh… so this seems minor, Blink was the biggest scam in the main security market in the last year, soooo…NEVER EVER EVER AGAIN!

SOOOO… then I get told that if I get this motion sensor that I will extend the life of my battery and not only that I’ll be able to disable the alarm going off when my husband is leaving for work in the morning having to walk past the front entry doorbell… setting it off every morning… doesn’t bother me, but drives him crazy…and come to find out AFTER I purchase this device recommended to me BY EUFY, that it says it’s not compatible because this doorbell didn’t come with a home base 2 just the chime!? So I asked about purchasing a home base to and of course that’s not an option… I’m currently still in the midst of that wild-goose chase because I was born fly customer service this time that the motion sensor that I ordered that I was told to order is supposed to pair with the 1080 doorbell chime somehow…
but I can’t find any instructions on how to do that or get any guidance.
I guess they’ll hopefully take this motion sensor back and find a purpose somewhere for it…because it’s completely useless sitting here on my dresser when I can’t even link it with the application. Depressing.
How much sense does that make thay we aren’t even able to BUY. A HOME BASE, IF THAT’S WHAT IT TAKES?
and then I see all these people on here asking about why they have to buy a home base repeatedly with each camera purchase that they make or other random purchases if it makes you think that you feel would make some sense out of that and then see the logical since that it would make for them to sell the home base separately from the devices that are needed the home base instead of having most of their customers end up with way too many home bases that they don’t need and then others don’t get one and they’re told they don’t need one but they do it so they can’t use their devices at all?

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