Motion range not enough

Just brought a 2 cam and home-base. Just mounted them and to be honest not impressed with the range of motion. It only senses movement to the back of my wifes Holden Trax which is 4 meters away from the cam. The cam is 2 meters up. I can stand there waving my arms with no joy. Sensitivity is as high as it goes. Pretty poor when in comparison my ring doorbell picks up movement on the other side of the road 14 meters away.

Is there an add on sensor that can be used to extend the range or has anyone managed to fabricate another sensor to it???.
I need the extra range to get my car behind the wifes.

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2 car lengths shouldn’t be a problem. Can we see a screen shot? Another camera can trigger Another camera or you can use a motion sensor to do the same thing. Sadly the motion sensor is not waterproof.

How do I add photos ???

Tap reply… you should see a bunch of little icons at the top of the reply box. One looks like a picture. (On mine at least )

You’re not wrong there. My Ring cam is way better at range and people detection. My Eufy cam 2 doesn’t pick up people coming in but the back of people leaving. At night, it picks up all motion :man_facepalming:. I feel like I’ve wasted my money on this.

New to Eufy and also getting some nice back of head shots. We thought the system prerecorded. We are still trying other settings and sensitivities.

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I’m having the same issue. I have my camera’s set to optimal surveillance and the videos are short because its so late to recording…

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The motion sensor has a much smaller field of view than the camera, you need to set it up for that. It will be a compromise to get it just right.

You want a battery operated security system?
Compromise is its #1 priority.

Why don’t people who want help ever show the cams view?