Motion picking up cats?

Last night the camera was picking up cats sending me notificstion of human. How do I change it so it knows to pick up animals??

That’s not possible. At night all motion detections are pushed.


So… I don’t ever use human only setting so I don’t know for sure. But. When a cam is set to all motion … it will say “ somebody has been spotted” if it can see a human.

So… if set to human only and it switches to all motion when it’s dark… would it still call a human a human if it could make it out?

If so… if it confused a cat for a human… it would also say “ someone has been spotted “. ???

Hmmmmmm!?!? LOL

These cams confuse everything for humans. That’s one thing that is very clear when browsing these forums.
I don’t know how this happens, I had this once or twice, but others have it all the time.

But yeah, it would register it as a human if someone is in the view. If the cat was in the view vertically, I can imagine the mismatch, especially at night.

My comment was a joke of course… but I have never paid attention to how it labels things at night. Will have to pay more attention. :slight_smile: