Motion not detecting on time

Detects motion but only when the thing that’s moving is almost out of frame. How can I make it detect things sooner.

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Depends on the situation … the camera… and your settings. I personally need to detect vehicles. They move faster than the cameras have time to wake up. ( battery cams anyway ). On my driveway I have to position the camera so it has time to react in the direction i need detection (up my drive towards the house) Otherwise the vehicle is out of frame when the cam wakes up … and it will call the detection a false filtered event and not record. Will grab a screen shot for you… brb

Cars enter on the left… the cam is about 20 ft from the object and moving left to right ( that’s important) The cam wakes up and will start recording the vehicle within 5-10 ft.
It will track the vehicle all the way out of frame on the right.

The cam will miss vehicles leaving my house or it will just catch the rear bumper. ( and I’m totally ok with that )

If you face your camera to capture cars as they come down drive you will get the footage you want… they need to have a chance to detect earlier and that depends on how you face your camera

Side views are not ideal

How bout a screenshot of your view… what camera and what are you detecting?

Just went out and measured…
left side of view is 15 ft from a vehicle…
Right side of view is 75 ft to vehicle…

Battery cams use a PIR sensor. These work best with motion going from side to side within 20-30 ft.

Objects coming directly toward this type of sensor has the most difficult time detecting motion. Ask any battery doorbell owner with their cams facing straight down their walk.

Trust me when I tell you I have tried EVERYTHING and every angle over the past year to get cars detected up my drive. This is the best option.

@chefrd It’s sad…but you almost need a separate camera to trigger the “main” camera where you want the recording. This way it starts prior to entering that small window, especially because the vehicle is driving at speed and you only have a total of 2-3 seconds of footage.

I had the same issue in my alley. Solution…I setup 4 cameras all linked to one another, LOL! :man_facepalming:t2: I have their Motion set to 5. When a vehicle is driving by quickly the first camera triggers the other ones to start. Depending on the side the vehicle enters, the other 2 or 3 cameras get the entire event. During the day, I actually am able to capture the entire license plate…and this is with the original Eufy 1080p Cams.

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Side views are the best way to trigger the PIR sensor properly. So it’s a win some, lose some situation.

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Before I read your text, I thought the red text said ‘Mouse’! I thought, either your were taking the p!$$ or the camera was actually detecting a mouse on a tree branch about 20 meters away :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Amazing the lengths some of us will go to get the shots we want!!! Bought the cams for one reason a year ago for this ONE thing… alert me when toys are arriving!

This first attempt missed 4 out of 5 vehicles ( especially in the morning??? ) and TONS of garbage events. Unusable. Been a long road but finally found the right angle and settings to get just ok results. Believe it or not my camera is 200 ft from the base station now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Wow.

Just need vehicle AI. Would fix 90% of the problems I have across all my outdoor cams.

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Even a waterproof motion sensor I could point straight down at a shaded spot in the drive with no sun and with no weeds that blow in the wind.

UGH… just give us the AI already Eufy!!! Oh… and pet AI like on the C24!! Nice to know when you should stay inside…

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I have been trying to see where critters and animals are coming onto my back deck from so I have three cams pointed around the yard, but they’re not seeing anything until the animals are either almost past two of the cams, or right on top of the one on the deck (literally on top of it, since it’s it’s just sitting on top of an upside down bucket for now). Skunks and raccoons haven’t been seen by this cam until they have their noses or tails right up to the cam. Then it records for 6 seconds and stops. It’s kind of useless.