Motion detection wildly inaccurate now

I’ve had the system for a few years now. For quite a while, it worked great. I have not changed placement of any of the cameras but now it is horribly inaccurate. The one mounted above the garage keeps detecting movement due to a branch blowing or someone on the sidewalk across the street but doesn’t detect a thing when someone literally walks out of the garage, gets into the car right under the camera and drives off. None of that triggered the camera. But a branch does!? Another camera is inside the garage and the night vision used to work fine. Now, I can literally stand right in front of it with the light off and the night vision doesn’t trigger the camera. Just went out the front door and stuck my face right in front of the doorbell cam, nothing. But, the backyard camera triggered the second I stepped foot out the backdoor. Another camera in a dark storage room popped the night vision on the moment i stepped in. When I click on the cameras in the app, they’ll all turn on so it’s not like they just aren’t connecting. For as much as the whole system costs, I expect far better and consistent accuracy. Do I need to reset the whole system? Is the storage space too full?