Motion Detection Problems

Not sure what has change here maybe in the last firmware update? but since this the motion detection and AI is simple words is CRAP.
Just recharged my front camera yesterday and the system has reported 62 events with only 2 recorded (filtered by AI) where i have had delivery drivers / postman walk right up and away with no alert or recording…

So changed the power mangager to optimal recording and deleted and reset the activity zones to see what this does from optimal.

Before others jump on this with PIR side on detection the camera is located at the advised height 8ft and at angle so all motions are slightly side on, so should work better for the PIR

There should be functions to switch off the AI as this clearly has issues, we should have all functions with off/on toggle including the activity zones more detailed than 3 square boxes! This function is pretty pointless.

Was happy at first, had the system a while now so past the return date and with several “Open” tickets with Eufy the system is not giving the functions that a security camera should.

Most of above is simple software fixes as long as the hardware has the capacity so Eufy need to put the time in and fix the issues.


No response from Eufy?

Think they have problems across all their products from all the comments on this forum and other sites and maybe trying to find a solution before they reply ( not saying that’s right). Maybe try ringing them.

Has other people had these many problems with other brands like people have with eufy?


I just received 2 motion detections: one before an amazon delivery and one after…however the doorbell never picked up the delivery. I am officially done with this doorbell. It’s trash

It picked up the arrival and the departure of the delivery guy?
Then you should check whether your settings aren’t trash, because it seems to me you set it to ‘end clip early when no motion detected’. This is why I set my doorbell to record a fixed time of 45 seconds. I had the same problem you have, but it’s the settings, not the device.

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It picked up none of the delivery…I set it to detect all motion because the algorithm doesn’t seem to be able to detect just faces. Received tons of false notifications and it still would miss people. This device is trash. It’s basic function is to detect people and it is laughably inconsistent. I am completely out of ideas for this doorbell. I have to move on

I just installed my system and I’m having issues. I have had a delivery driver and postman both deliver items with no notification but it picked up my wife leaving for work this morning.

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I have this problem as well , just recharged my front camera and it only caught the postman leaving?
Need a lot of adjustment and I don’t like the time lag .

Same problem here. Disaster for a security system. Eufy please fix this. I have 19 days left to return the product. I will wait 10 days…no fix… Bye bye eufy.

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Try increase the sensitivity to highest level and set the battery setting to optimum surveillance

I have put the detection to its highest setting and its hit rate is sooo random. It picks up radom movements but sometimes it will pick me up when I open the door and sometimes it won’t.

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Same issue here with eufycam. At first mtion detection worked fine, but over time got worse and worse. Not sure if it’s hardware or firmware.
Motion test mode doesn’t work at all, even waving my hand, or face a couple feet away from camera…
Set to motion only, so should bypass AI.
Also not receving alerts, even with all settings correct.

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Mine picks up people coming towards my door but only when they are about 6 ft away. Not soon enough. Works better when they are going away ??? Tried all sorts of settings !

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I’ve got the battery doorbell and have a battery life of 2 weeks as a result of this excessive motion detection.

Data logs have been sent in, settings adjusted and the unit replaced with no resolution. Eufy support says this is “normal” and dismissed this completely

This is a major flaw and eufy support have done nothing to resolve this issue.

Mine won’t detect anything past 10 feet even with setting on 5 even with all motion set and zone setting doesn’t help

I have the same issues with my eufyCam 2. Motion detection is at the highest sensitivity, with all motions turned on and no activity zone set up. Both cameras are installed according to the recommendations from eufy (2-2.5 meter high, 25 degrees tilt, expected movement is across the frame). In about 40 days there were no events filtered by the AI, but there are A LOT of instances when it fails to detect me, my wife or my neighbors leaving/coming home, but instead has no issues detecting flies or bees :man_facepalming: It’s getting worse and worse every day and wish I had never bought these cameras. Needless to say the option for return has passed. The only advantage is the wireless connectivity and being able to connect remotely. Same as many other brands. But the “security” in eufySecurity is a complete lie as this piece of crap fails to record a video even when the anti-theft alarm goes off. What’s the point then? I think I’m better off with a couple of dummy cameras, same security level, no?

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Both my cameras since the last update have not filtered out any motion events via the AI at all, both sitting on zero, ive tried setting motion sensitivity to max and optimum surveillance.

Not sure what is going on here Eufy, but there is big or problem that you need to fix.

My cameras are installed at the correct height set that all approaching is at angle to the PIR with activity zones set up (come to that later) the camera s are intermittent with picking anyone up but any time car passes bingo it spots them!!

Pretty useless if it cant do what it is intended to do.

Now the activity zones…

Just don’t work… removed & re added same issue, picks up more from outside the zones than from the areas created.


Same issue with me but only for the camera at the front of the property - one at the rear of the property is working great so … really frustrating!

I even purchased a 3rd camera and swapped the front ones over and still no change … really is bizarre and pretty poor :frowning:

SoloCam E40 about 5ft away from 2 live catch Squirrel traps, it has recorded some animals lurking (the dog, bluejays, cats, an a few squirrels) but the 3 times I caught squirrels there’s no recordings of them being trapped. (settings should be correct too, customized 60 sec no option to end early, all motion sensitivity 7, no zones) what else has it not recorded?

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