Motion detection only works when things are close to the camera

As the title says, motion detection only seems to detect things when they get pretty close to the camera regardless of the motion sensitivity level. I have 2 entrances to my driveway which are both in frame of the camera but the motion detection will only pick up the closer driveway entrance. This isn’t ideal because people can drive into my driveway from the furthest entrance and bypass the homebase alarm I have set. Is there anyway to fix this?


Which camera do you have?

If something is moving towards the camera the distance it takes to recognize it is long that if it was side to side. This is because the PIR sensor.

I have the eufy cam2C

Crap. It is coming towards the camera and I really can’t change the placement or it will be out of range of the homebase.

So what is exactly is the point of the motion zones if the sensor can even pick up what’s in it? I guess I’m confused why they don’t use some type of software based solution because this sensor seems very limited.


Ok I have the same. Mine work fine. Make sure they are on some sort of angle. PIR sensors alway work better when an object is move from one side of the camera to the other vs and object going straight towards the camera.

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I have the same issue with my Eufy doorbell. Didn’t record until person is right in front of camera despite me having long pathway to front door

Doesn’t seem like there’s any solution. I’m really surprised at how bad the Motion zones work honestly. Cars can literally drive right through my motion zone and nothing happens. I have all motion selected and tried turning sensitivity all the way up and still nothing


It is not the motion zones it is the pir sensor detecting yo. motions zones just block out the area that is not zoned, it does not help it detect you.

I get that. The motion zone means I want it to detect motion within that box. It does not do that. The sensor just isn’t sufficiently doing it’s job so they need to implement some type of software side solution as well.

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Eufy came out with a motion sensor. I do not know if it is waterproof but if it is that would work great in a automation for you.

I’ll have to look into that and what the range is for the motion sensor.

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The instruction manual states that detection proximity is from 7 to 10ft.


Mine is sitting on the driveway at 8ft and detects movement at farthest like 25ft approx:

Hey @DoneyHome!

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Mine is about 10 ft up in a tree. I’d like to be able to detect motion somewhere near the red arrow. By the black arrow is fine. Do you think going up even higher will help?

No this is because PIR is better when detecting side to side, not coming at it.

I have the same issue, i want to see my whole driveway and see the people coming to the house, but the motion sensor sees nobody. What’s the use of a camera then?
If i place it in an angle i only see people walking by, but i want to see their faces.

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I’m honestly surprised they don’t supplement the PIR sensor with software detection. I’ve used sighthound’s software before which uses 100% software detection and works much better.