Motion detection on all three 2C cameras stopped working

I have a doorbell cam and three eufycam 2C. The home base and doorbell are working normally. All the stuff is only a few weeks old. Firmware is up to date. I tried various settings and nothing worked. System is useless without motion activation. Any ideas?

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Did you reboot your homebase? Is your doorbell battery powered? Can you use live view on you 2Cs? What mode is your cams set to?

Set status led to ON on all 3 cams and walk past (left to right) within 10 ft of each one. Does the led on the camera light up?

I have similar issue with 2c pro 2 outdoor camera. It detect every human motions and send notifications in day time only but at night it doesn’t send notify even though it detect motions. I can see it as camera sensor & security light turn on but still don’t send notifications at night. I tried both b&w and light modes for night. It’s located on drive way with well lit through other source of light.

Doesn’t trigger the motion, no LED or video. I can stream fine to see what it sees, just doesn’t detect motion

Under camera setting make sure motion detection is set to on… all motion is selected and sensitivity maxed … also all activity zones deleted. On all 3 cams for now.

Under the security tab… what mode is highlighted?

Then tap “gear icon” settings on that highlighted mode and tell me what is selected… …