Motion Detection Not Recognising Humans

I am hoping somebody could help or let me know if this is getting fixed. I have recently purchased the Eufy Battery Doorbell 2K and installed the device next to my front door, but I am having issues with the doorbell not picking up or recognising people when they walk up my drive. This happens about 1 in 3 times and it is becoming annoying because I was hoping this to be my security for the front of my house.

Now I am not sure if this is effecting the issue, but my driveway is on a slope (in my opinion, I would have thought the camera would pick human motion easier that way). Also, my front door is about 3 metres from the path and road. I don’t want the people walking past my house being picked up all the time.

I have played around with the settings, changed the activity zones many times, changed the sensitivity levels, unfortunately no solution. I have even followed the tips supported and posted on here - ( Unlock the power of eufy Doorbell - Motion Detection ) , but still no luck.

I have even noticed human detection does not get picked up if the person is wearing a facemask - which I feel is a big issue to prevent thefts.

Hopefully someone could help?

Lets see… I don’t have a doorbell. A doorbell cam can really only be mounted in one spot with basically one view. This really limits your choices. You are bringing up 3 things:

  1. Camera won’t pick up motion or it doesn’t catch someone until they are walking away…

  2. Activity zones don’t work

  3. Face masks defeat human detection…

1 & 2 have been talked into madness on these forums and a quick search will give you more reading and ideas then you would believe…
3. Now that’s new to me. I know the system will try to grab a face… but I’m sure it must look for body type movements as well. ( saw somebody or saw someone ) How can you tell it’s missing movement from a mask or just missing any human? Sound like you have both issues?

Hey, thanks for getting back to me.

I have gotten in contact with the customer service team and I am going to begin logging/uploading the data when the camera has missed triggers/detection and hopefully can get some results from this.

With the facemasks, I had a response about this. Unfortunately, Eufy CS team has confirmed the AI finds it difficult to detect someone with a mask - Kind of concerning :confused: because it defeats the purpose with theft.

They did suggest to turn up the sensitivity, which is sensible and also suggested to delete the activity zone. I am going delete my activity zone and see how that goes and adjust the sensitivity at the same time.

I will keep this post updated once I have more results or responses.

Please do! Would love to see the actual data off my cams.

When my cams see motion it says motion detected. A human … someone has been spotted. If it grabs a face with it … I get a little close up picture of their face next to the video. This would imply that it should grab human detection mask or not.

Keep us informed. Masks are not just a Pandemic issue… it’s a dirtbag house robber issue.

Update: So after some adjustments to the doorbell, I believe I have figured out my issues but still testing.

Instead of adjusting the settings of the camera, I thought I would adjust the doorbell itself. Originally I had my doorbell facing the street and I positioned the doorbell about 50 - 51 inches from the bottom of my front door. My opinion, I did not see an issue with the view from the camera as the whole of my drive was shown and my drive is on a slope (angled down from my front door). I did not know if this was the issue but the customer service team did not acknowledge this either, so I thought I would change it up. I went back to the mounting guide, which recommends the height position to be 48 inches from the ground, I did this. I also used the angle wedge to angle the doorbell and then adjusted the activity zones.

So far it has picked up every person, including those with a facemask - a WIN! Hopefully.

You found the trick I think. For me camera position is the key.