Motion detection not as sensitive at night?

Still relatively new to the system… But finding the motion detection no where near as effective at night/dark compared to day.
During the day Camera at front will trigger as far as the road in front of my house but at night it doesn’t even reach the footpath… All at the same settings.

I installed a Floodlight 2 2K a few days ago and am having the same issues with motion detection at night.

When using the detection type of Human Only, with the sensitivity set to the highest and the camera pointed to the end of the driveway, I cannot get a event to trigger until you are about 10’ from the camera.

Changing to All motion and adding an activity zone gives me pretty much everything that moves, trees, rabbits and shooting stars. If they are in or out of the activity zone.

Not sure where the happy medium is, but still looking.

I have the same problem. Not detecting at night. I have sent support email but no response. Very disappointing support. I turned camera off and back and seems ok but still not detecting all movement

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Having exactly the same problem, it’s basically useless in the evening and only detects half of movement in the day. Very disappointed.

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Hi same problem here in the UK at night in human mode can basically walk right up to doorbell , red leds come on but nothing records and the light around the bell push does not light up. Put it on all motion and it works better not perfect but better, leds light up and triggers the light around the bell push and camera records. If I don’t get a fix from Eufy it’ll be going back to Costco for a refund which is disappointing as the camera quality is really good when it works.

Update 16/11/2021

Spoken to Eufy this morning ref the human detection problem at night, they confirm that it must be changed to All Motion st night as basically the AI cannot detect due to lower pixel quality. I have said to them that this should be resolved ASAP as people buy more for night surveillance than day., I have also said that if this cannot be resolved that as part of the schedule we should have the option of picking human detection in the day and all motion at night. Let’s see what happens.