Motion detection is awful. Where's the AI?

Eufy describes one of the Video Doorbell 2K features as:

The Alerts Which Matter: With AI technology and our sophisticated algorithm, the camera intelligently detects body shape and face pattern. Ensuring you are only alerted when a human, and not a stray cat, is at the door.

Yet, my Eufy doorbell spams my phone constantly with hub caps (even motionless ones) every time a car drives by. Despite the fact that I’ve excluded the truck across the street from being inside of the Activity Zone, it still triggers constantly.

It will even spam my own vehicle’s wheel if I don’t happen to park in the perfect spot where I’ve put the exclusion area.

Sensitivity is set to the 2nd dot, which the app claims this setting “scans for human body pattern and distance to determine a valid event.” How do wheels register as “human body pattern?” The bodies of cars look nothing like a human. Only the last sensitivity option, “All Motion” is supposed to detect cars.

Where’s this sophisticated algorithm and AI? With as bad as this is, why can’t I go in and mark an event as a false positive so it will learn not to trigger by that same hub cap all the time?


Did this part actually work for you? The exclusion area?

Yeah that seems to work alright. They need to allow the ability to add multiple exclusion areas, though.


I have the exact same problem. I’ll wake up in the morning and have about 40 notifications that are 2 minutes apart. They’re of my hub caps, or maybe a dark spot in the sky that must apparently have human likeness. We have 2 cars so the exclusion only helps with one

Even as I type! This is what I get. Help!

Turn off motion detection area, and just set to human recognition. Can set this in the wired version and works well, if this is what you want. Could try this and see if it helps.

I’ve got the same issue with my wired doorbell. Constant spamming of passing cars and a snapshot of the wheel. Just because something is round, does not make it a Human! There is no AI as far as I can tell. AD, maybe - Artificial Dumbness.