Motion detection has become intermittent

Hi, the motion detection on our doorbell has become intermittent. It was set up and working fine but in the past couple of days motion detection has started to miss events and today it’s basically missed everything since this morning. The motion detection settings have not been changed so unsure why it’s started to miss events?

Same here! :frowning:

Here too. My battery doorbell isn’t recording events, but my other battery camera is.

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Service outage, should be resolved now:

Hopefully this will help some users but I just bought a Eufy door bell 2K and have it wired and noticed the same intermittent motion detection.

The following steps helped me in my specific case/setup and hopefully will work for other.

My best guess is that the Eufy “Human” detection just flat out does not work, To find an acceptable experience for me. I did the following:

  1. Set the motion detection to “all”
  2. Reduce the detection sensitivity to it’s lowest setting.
  3. Create an activity zone that covers just enough of my porch and is high enough to catch a full person.

I still get the odd false positive from cars on occasion but at least get every person that comes to the door.