Motion Detection and Recording keeps failing

I’ve had four 2Pro cams and a battery doorbell for a month now and I think I’m done with eufy. Every single camera has been defective and replaced. The ongoing problem that has me fed up now is the unreliability. Every day I test the cams at least once a day and once a night, and without fail at least one, but usually two of the cams fail (different cameras each time). Sometime they appear to not detect any motion, because the red LED notification light doesn’t turn on at all, and at night the IR lights may not turn on. Often the cams do detect me (red LED and IR lights turn on), but there’s no recording or notifications. Power Manager confirms that the motion was detected, but screened out. I have all motion for detection setting. I have recording and notifications enabled for all cams. The cams are mounted about 8 feet high. All cams have great signal, all bars. Base station is connected to Ethernet. It’s crazy. I have no confidence in these cameras. I keep having to turn the cams and base station off and on to fix.

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