Motion activate not workong

Has anyone had this same problem?

Whenever i get a package from amazon or UPS it doesnt recognize them when they deliver it but it will recognize me. Can anyone tell me what setting i may have wrong?

I am having the same type of problem. Mailman comes and I get no alert. It sometimes recognizes people walking by but most of the time it fails. Seems no-one has a solution.

Is this for doorbell camera?

Same issue myself, a very hit and Miss detection for people walking past my drive. But anyone walking to my door, doesn’t detect them anymore - worked fine when I purchased the doorbell but now it’s missing 99.99% of motions

Mine has almost stopped working over this weekend - to the point I’ve reset and reinstalled the HomeBase, Camera (2K dual) AND Android app.

I am, on a related note, supposed to be getting a replacement bell as mine won’t take the latest firmware update.

What I have noticed is that if you (re) install the eufy app on Android, you initially only get 3 icons at the bottom (Devices/Events/Security) - and later, “Explore” will appear. I also get a red dot on the 3 lines by “Home” even though “Referral” and “Community” don’t appear (and are the items the dot is from).

Even pressing the “Ring” button resulted in nothing happening on my phone. App is not restricted re: battery, nothing is disabled/muted,

Looking at the app notifications on a fresh install, there are no “Other” notifications, but after motion (if detected) and ring, I see “eufy motion” and “eufy doorbell ring”.

I also see “1 category deleted” under “Allow notification dor” but I have no idea what that is/was…

I will also add that on some of the “missed notifications” the events list showed “Answered” on a couple of rings - which is “interesting” given I didn’t answer them… :\