More accurate human detection

Currently I have all my floodlights and cameras set to human detection. The issue right now is that I get alerted when there are cats, possums, and even the shadow of a flag on my front yard. Currently human detection is horrible and pretty much does the same with as all motion detection. It would be great if this could be fixed in future firmware updates but eufy might not do it. Kind of like the expanded storage via usb for homebase 2


This is the number one reason why I don’t recommend eufy doorbell to family and friends.

Detection is not remotely dependable.


Only had my 1080p video doorbell less than a week and it’s had it’s third charge.

Was initially getting thousands of false alerts a day and tweaking the setting has got it into the hundreds but for every real human detected i’m getting dozens of false alerts. Even when there is only a block paved drive in the Activity Zone.
All detections seems poor.
Currently waiting on Eufy support to respond.

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Well the discussion with Eufy just went round and round. No real practical solutions. Gave up in the end.
Going to mess with it a bit more and then probably just set it in Doorbell only mode. :frowning: