MicroSD for eufy indoor pan tilt 2k

I may be missing something but the specs on the indoor 2K pan and tilt state that it has one micro USB slot. But I don’t see it and there’s nothing in the manual and I looked on the website and I don’t see anything there either. Like I said I may be missing something. My older cameras, that were by other manufacturers, have a clear place or slot where the memory went. One you removed a panel, and the other you could just plug it in right beside the power port. And when I set the new eufy cameras up it asked about the memory but again I didn’t see where you could just plug it in. Do I have to take them apart???


It’s kind of hidden. If you manually tilt the camera all the way up in the app (or down, I forget which) the slot is on the plastic “eyeball” itself.

You have to tilt the camera all the way up and it will be on the bottom of the camera…the black part that pans and tilts, just push it all the way up and you will see the micro SD slot. Its hidden for security purposes as most people will not think to do this

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DUUUUUUUUUUUUDE that is awesome…thank you so much for showing me…I am about to go check it out.

does anyone know what the maximum size card may be used in the camera?


128 GB is the max storage. Only use MicroSD. (Approximately 14 days of storage)

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The maximum size has been updated to 256GB micro SD cards…some earlier models could only handle 128GB, but after updates they too should be able to handle 256GB cards


Is this official because my camera will still not format a 256gb mcrosd

Check and see if there is a firmware update, because I was informed by one of the developers it was 256gb. Maybe format the card with your computer and then use it with the camera

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I read somewhere it was ext4 formatted something to do with Linux. I have Samsung evo cards. I have used aomei to format the card and the camera still dosent like it. I have a T8410 2k pan tilt camera on version with no update available

You are correct the format is Ext4, so you won’t be able to format the card in a Windows PC. A Mac or Linux PC would work, but if the built-in format command won’t do it, I don’t think an external format would work. I was going to try a 256 GB card, but the app Help still says the max is 128 GB, so decided to let someone else take the plunge.

Well I can confirm it doesn’t work and customer services still say 128gb

Hope a new firmware that supports the 256gb is coming. My old Wyze cam v2 support 256gb. Hope Eufy is listening