Micro SD card question for Indoor Cam 2k

I’m setting up a eufy indoor security 2k camera and have a SanDisk 128 gb extreme plus micro SD card installed. However, the camera cannot detect it. Is it because it’s extreme plus? Is there a workaround to get it working with the camera? For example, if I format it on my PC first, would the camera detect it? Thanks for the replies.

That card should work if its really what it says it is. There are a alot of counterfeit cards on the market. Formatting in a PC won’t work because the Eufy cameras use Linux OS and Ext4 file system. If the device won’t allow you to detect and format, it’s probably a bum card.

Thanks for the info. I tried another SanDisk card and it worked. As soon as I inserted into the camera, the prompted me to format it. Thanks for the info.

@scgrad98 I had a similar issue with one of my outdoor wired cameras not recognizing two separate SD cards. I tried them on my indoor wired cams, and they worked. So I ended up exchanging the camera and of course the new one had no issues, lol.

Hi guys
Just bumping this thread as my wireless ring homebase doesn’t detect my sd card either. It’s a class 10 Samsung sd card. Read on 2 different computers absolutely fine. Formatted multiple times to try and get it to work but no joy. Tried EXFAT, FAT32 and EXT4 but keep getting message that no micro sd card detected…