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According to Eufy website, Eufycam 2 is 1080 but I can’t see the pro so I would assume it is correct

Yea I didn’t see the pro for some reason

Yea that’s the screenshot of what Eufy website shows


Listening to one of the utuber about signing being beta tester. This cam only has a 4 month battery life.

@jonnybravo In real world use it is unlikey to get the claimed 12 months with the same battery (from what I can tell it is the same battery as Cam2 w/ 2k sensor unless they increase the battery). This is unfortunate unless someone knows “additional” features of the 2k vs Cam 2.

Sidebar- I have the 2k indoor cameras but honestly the diff vs 1080 is only slightly better. I wouldn’t replace the 2k with it. However, if they came out with a 4k with a bigger battery to match then they could have a huge seller.

P.s. One technical question on their 2k is if it is really 2044 x 1080 resolution vs 1920 x 1080 - how much and what is the difference? We are talking FHQ vs DCI 2k. One would think it would be a marginal difference unless they used a significantly different sensor. That said I have the indoor 2k and they look good but not that big of a difference.

@Winn10, the reviews on the BB page say it’s the same 2304x1296@15FPS as the indoorcam 2k cameras.

I did a side by side with indoorcam 2k and eufycam 2 and it was actually a lower bitrate than eufycam 2’s 1080p@24FPS. Part of that may be HEVC encoding.

Also, I think there’s a huge difference in quality. The extra 44% pixels makes a difference. But unfortunately, it’s still pretty compressed.


(Deleted comment above was asking for more thoughts)

IndoorCam 2k reminded me why I prefer AC-powered cameras. It pre-buffers, so clips start right before the event occurs.

Image quality is significant better, but frame rate is reduced from 24FPS to 15FPS (same 15FPS in eufycam 2 pro). I think this is a reasonable trade off, but wish we could choose a better image quality mode at 15FPS.

RTSP at 1080p doesn’t look so hot in comparison. I’m expecting the same 1080p in HKSV, as that’s supposedly what HKSV currently maxes out at. :frowning:

I’d like to redo a comparison of indoorcam 2k at 1080p vs eufycam 2. Will probably wait until HKSV is available.

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I very much dislike how outbound internet access is required for local operation.

Knowing it is making connections to google and Facebook makes me suspect the “Privacy is Our Priority” statement on their product pages a bit, but I don’t have any reason to suspect them over most vendors. Maybe suspect them even a little less than most.

I appreciate their efforts to support HomeKit Secure video. I trust them a little more because of it. My current plan is to run in HKSV and block internet access to the indoorcams and homebase2 except for updates.

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@JonnyBravo Actually, “The Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI), a group of motion picture studios that creates standards for digital cinema, defines Standard DCI 2K resolution as 2048 x 1080 pixels.”

“2560x1440 is officially considered Quad HD (QHD) . As such, many monitors and laptops claim their resolution as 2K/QHD.”

Here’s a side by side screenshot I have from two cameras (just hot swapped off the mount)

I used a Cheez-it box to compare resolution at about 20 feet. I don’t notice a big difference on the box detail, but I see a big difference on the bricks, the sand, and the grass textures. It looks like there’s a lot more information in the textures.




That looks like a surprisingly noticeable difference to me. I am not saying I would upgrade for it but that’s only because I hold hope for 4k someday. 4k is a HUGE difference. If one is starting out then 2k seems a no brainer assuming the battery actually holds equal (I still question this w/o increased battery capacity).

I agree about 4K. I can’t tell anyone whether or not they should get this verses the 1080p one, because it’s dependent on needs/preferences, but…

I bought the 2k one from Best Buy and, before it was delivered, snagged a 1080p one for $90 on Amazon during the sale. It’s a noticeable enough that I’m canceling the other order. I still need a couple more cameras and I rather any new additions be 2k or above.

I can’t speak to battery life yet, but matching battery life is not quite as important for me. I have outdoor outlets near enough to the camera that a long cable will reach it without having to take the camera down. So if I lose a month, I won’t be too upset.

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@Winn10, eufy’s 2k is actually fewer pixels/sec than their 1080p because of frame rate.
1920x1080x24=49,766,400 pixels/sec
2304x1296x15=44,789,760 pixels/sec

I don’t see why the battery life couldn’t be similar or better.

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I actually bought the single add-on camera ($150) because I already had the Homebase. I wanted to test it so I just needed the one.

Here’s the link for the add-on

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From what I can tell, it looks like both the 2 and 2 Pro both only record 15 frames per second. I’m happy with that since I don’t really need film quality frame rates. But, is there a setting that I’m missing that would change the framerate on the Cam 2 to increase that?

My eufycam2s record just above or below 24.0. Don’t know why yours don’t.

Edit: I’ll see if the codec is lying to me and reply back.

Interesting that your 2k bitrates are so much lower than your 1080p. I see that, too, but not that drastically so probably in part your particular scene.

I do wish their 2k bitrates were a bit higher to get better image quality.

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So I pulled down a clip and brought it into Final Cut Pro. The project is at1080p@25 FPS with the imported clip displayed as 23.9 FPS.

Going into FCP and counting frames, I’m seeing 24 distinct frames a second (seeing an occasional duplicate frame inserted to bring it up to 25 FPS). The timestamp at upper right is not increasing every 15 unique frames, either.

I found reviews saying the eufycam 2 is 15FPS, but it definitely looks like 24FPS to me.

I do have HKSV enabled, but I’m looking at a homebase clip. Maybe that’s the difference?

@Eufy254 @Trillexer I am also fine with lower frame rates. I speculate it allows for less storage than high frame rate and for most of us it isn’t that big of a deal. What is the “real” frame rates??? I have read it was 15 and also that it could in theory go as high as ~24 like Arlo on the Eufy Cam 2. This is confusing :slight_smile:

@Eufy254 Curious- why do you believe there would be better battery life? I am all ears. I would have guessed it would be similar to slightly worse.

@Winn10 I don’t really have any opinion on battery life yet. That might have been Eufy254 as he suggested that a lower framerate would make for less data transfer overall. I’d have to use it for a couple of months to see. That said, I run all the cameras with the custom settings (longer record times, lower re-trigger intervals, and higher sensitivity), so I don’t expect the 2 or 2 Pro to last the whole year. Also, since some of my cameras are in high traffic areas, the battery life is pretty inconsistent just by the nature of their location.

@Eufy254 I downloaded my clips via the Eufyapp (from the Homebase 2). I’m not using HomeKit, so that might be the difference in frame rate.

I’ll keep sharing as much as I can. I really want to give as many details/specs as possible since there’s not a lot of information available about the 2 Pro yet. Hopefully, someone will find the data helpful if they are considering upgrading or buying the 2 Pro.